Grab your lover and make out like you just met for the very first time…

During this shoot series we have been able to let our creativity soar. I only ever dreamed of some of these images we are producing. Totally magazine worthy and true Pinterest inspiration, the reaction has been unbelievable! Whilst encouraging couples to think outside the box and have ‘your day your way,’ we have showed venues in different styles, unusal colour schemes, and given countless brands the exposure they really need right now. The models, both professional and regular real couples, have loved every second and  made the shoots so much fun to work on. What a project this is, uniting businesses for an opportunity not only to gain amazing images for their marketing, but to gain new contacts, find inspiration and, even make new friends. As we continue with our Seven Shoot’s Of Summer, we have slotted in beautiful and simplified shoots at different locations all over the island. We had so many requests for supplier’s wanting to join in, that we think 7 could be more like 17…and summer, well we have the island to ourselves in winter right?

We know you want to let rip on your wedding shots, but you still hold back because it’s a wedding day after all, and you want timeless beautiful but modern shots to keep forever and hang on the walls of your home for your kids to see…

But what about an extra shoot during your stay in Ibiza? An amazing beach at sunset, a forest, even the ocean, to show another side of you and your relationship. Imagine ocean waves on your bodies as you stare into each others eyes and just be in love, just be in the moment.  What a great excuse to have a second dress and a total restyle with hair and make up!

The famous Ibiza sunset gives a stunning light that we call golden hour, perfect for romantic shots. Then we get blue hour, a gap of about 40 minutes where the light makes you look and feel incredible. Pair this with an insane photographer and shoot stylist, and you’ll get images you and your partner will be obsessed with forever!

Punta Galera is known for its crazy steep rock formations overlooking the most unreal drop to the ocean , and of course surrounded by the perfect light for shooting. Jeffrey’s Ibiza sponsored this shoot with their jewelry, original hats, and hand made one of a kind Ibiza kimonos. Their shop is situated in the heart of Ibiza old town, along those beautiful cobbled streets, for an authentic Ibiza shopping experience. Our bride wore the most amazing kick ass customized denim jacket from their boutique, and I’m even more in love with jackets on a bride right now!

 TOP HINTS for an Ibiza lover’s shoot: Make sure your photographer is experienced in these kinds of shoot’s, is able to direct, or has a shoot stylist that can both direct and style you, nipping in front of the camera here and there to fix your hair, makeup, clothes, or help you feel more comfortable.

The second shoot on this blog was at Cala Comte, in a small secluded cove of boat houses with the odd hippy passig by. We collaborated with Charlotte’s Web, local Ibiza jewellry brand, using their toe rings to show a super cute way to dess up your feet, especially on your wedding day if you are a bare foot bride. Their materials are ethically sourced and their pieces handmade. ‘The Ibiza Necklace’  is a perfect gift for your bridesmaids, giving them a special memory to cherish forever straight from the island. There will be more on Charlottes Web and their new range of jewellry, in the next two shoots. 

 Is there anything sexier that frolicking in the ocean, fully clothed, letting go of your inhibitions? These images are just insane, and the shoot only took an hour as we skipped sunset and waited for blue hour. The famous ‘Trash The Dress’ idea, is that you create a shoot just like this with your partner, or alone, in your actual wedding dress. I cant help thinking WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? How much did that dress cost?? your beloved dress is getting trashed forever! So perhaps consider a second dress from a high street store, that is still fabulous but will photograph amazingly on a trash the dress shoot, which Stephanie our photographer, has now re named ‘Rock The Frock!’

 So what are you waiting for? Book it, do it, ROCK IT!

By Lauren Kayce, Ibiza wedding planner.

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Punta Galera Shoot:

Photography & Video – Stephanie Shenton

Hair & Make up – The House Of Belissima

Stylisng & Production – Hidden Treasures Ibiza

Models – James & Sofia

Hats, Jewelry, Kimonos & Jacket – Jeffrey’s Ibiza

Hair Jewelry – Hidden Treasures Bridal

Cala Comte Shoot:

Hair – The House Of Belissima

Make up – CJ Beauty

Model – Sophia

Jewelry – Charlotte’s Web

Hand made candles – Soy Ibiza

Barber & male grooming – Ricky Metcalfe

If you are following our project and have any ideas or location requests, we would love to hear about them! If you would like to know more about a styled lovers shoot and what we can do for you, drop me an email 

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