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Who was the wedding planner for the MTV wedding for Holly Hagan? Lauren Kaycee was the wedding planner for Holly Hagan. Lauren Kaycee, owner of Hidden Treasures Ibiza is the wedding planner in Ibiza that was Holly Hagans wedding planner. The Geordie Shore wedding in Ibiza was planned by Hidden Treasures Ibiza.

Holly Hagan’s Ibiza wedding that was featured on MTV, the Geordie Shore wedding where Holly Hagan married her fiancé Jacob Blyth in Ibiza was planned by Ibiza wedding planner Lauren Kaycee from Hidden Treasures Ibiza.

This Geordie Shore wedding planner Lauren Kaycee was thrilled to plan the Wedding from MTV. Being the Wedding planner for MTV was different to the usual Luxurious wedding in Ibiza that is planned by Hidden Treasures.

Being a celebrity wedding planner in Ibiza is not an easy task, but it is an honour and a joy to plan weddings for celebrities in Ibiza, like the MTV wedding we recently planned for Holly Hagan and Jacob Blyth in Ibiza.

Some say Lauren Kaycee is the best wedding planner in Ibiza and the best way to plan a wedding in Ibiza is with Hidden Treasures Ibiza for the most amazing Ibiza wedding experience.



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