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From catwalk runway to wedding aisle, we glide down to another fabulous Ibiza wedding venue…

Ibiza’s hottest new venue, Kazamor Ibiza, gave us a pristine space, beautiful palm trees and stunning view’s to host our second shoot. This cool location is surrounded by green pastures, and is the perfect place to swoon over those famous Ibiza sunsets.

Owners and power couple Karen and Ged welcomed us with open arms, making us feel relaxed and very much at home, while we chatted about their brand new venture.

“We want Kazamor to be as special for our clients as it is to us. We have put so much love and effort into making the venue beautiful, and have created something unique that will allow our couples to tailor their wedding and re create their vision” said Karen.

With Karen’s eye for detail coming from a background in the London fashion industry, and Ged’s experience as a business consultant, this talented couple are an asset to the Ibiza wedding industry, and an absolute delight to be around.

The couple have been in love with the island for over 30 years, after frequently visiting friends during the summer months. In 2014 Ged developed a rare blood disease and was given 12 months to live. “After having a bone marrow transplant, it was completely life changing, and a big factor that helped us make the decision to follow our hearts and move to Ibiza.” Ged’s word’s struck me pretty hard, especially in this current situation. It goes to show that tomorrow is never promised, so grab every chance you can, live life to it’s fullest, Carpe Diem and all that jazz!

I asked Karen what makes her smile during a celebration at their Ibiza wedding venue; “Our favourite part of a wedding is seeing the joy, happiness and love on the faces of the wedding party and everybody having an amazing time with all of their closest people under our roof”

 The super stylish modern wedding venue, is finished with crisp detailing and clean lines, yet still allows a blank canvass feel, so you really can create your own day. For me as an Ibiza wedding planner, that also styles each day, this is a dream come true! Being able to use fantastic dream team caterers Emma and Gabby of Graze Ibiza and ICB.CO, as featured on the shoot, this venue is a foodies dream! With a fully equipped kitchen and beautiful bar, I cant help but think this is exactly what our Ibiza wedding industry needed.

 Kazamor Ibiza even has enough room for the the new Ibiza craze of an adult sized bouncy castle, to bring out the kid in you and your guests. Ridiculous amounts of fun are guaranteed, and some pretty funny photos to look back on. So what’s the killer plus about this venue for me? The beach! It’s a stones throw away, so you can grab your photographer and take advantage of a deserted beach at sunset for a stunning couples shoot. Just look at the featured images Stephanie took of our model Natalie, in the stunning Jarlo London black wedding gown.

I designed this shoot to feel like a live Pinterest board, full of OTT inspiration with pieces and accessories to make any magazine editor spit their coffee out! I grabbed my Seven Shoot’s Of Summer team, Natasha MarshallNigel Edgecombe and Stephanie Shenton and headed to this shoot like a boss lady.

You want pink? I’ll give you every shade of pink you can imagine and even a shade I made myself. Complete, of course, with a sweet sticky meringue topped, pink layered cake inside and out!!

Think about fashion week with pieces to die for strutting down the catwalk, that then filter down into wearable items. This is my theory behind this project and especially this shoot. Giving you ‘wow’ images and wedding inspiration that you can adapt to suit you.

If you aren’t hearing this shoot raved about by Anna Wintour, I’m done!

Hathor.co was our main sponsor of the day, featuring her magnificent bridal headwear and Grace Jones inspired sunglasses. “Hathor.co was born in 2010 – when I upcycled a Captain’s hat for a Bride-to-be’s Ibiza boat party. It’s so funny that the ‘Bride’ Captain/Festival hat has gone on not only to become my best seller, but a huge trend replicated increasingly in the last few years”. Laura’s bridal pieces have made waves all over Ibiza and London, so much so that she has been awarded an approved Rockstar Vendor Badge by international, and possibly my favourite, bridal magazine Rock N Roll Bride.

 The sunglasses are super fun and certainly bring out the party girl in you. I matched the lilac chain shades with our model Denise and her alternative bridal jumpsuit, for a chic wedding evening look. And the luna third eye gold shades, with Natalie’s striking black gown. I’d love to see a bride tribe in these sunnies at one of my weddings, so kick ass cute!!

The head pieces fitted perfectly with the black and gold inspired shoot which I have wanted to do for such a long time. I have so many clients that want an alternative wedding; a black dress, dancing till dawn, candy floss, the list goes on, but they feel they have to conform to what they are told a wedding should be, and what a bride should look like. These shoots are here to show that you can have your day your way, the memories will belong to you, the images (choose your photographer wisely) will belong to you, and the day should represent you and your relationship with your other half. Your wedding should be YOUR wedding. Don’t be scared to step away from the norm, I’ll be cheering you and your quirky decisions on from every corner, every step of the way!

Be the girl who wears roller skates at her wedding and twirls her first dance like she’s on ice, be the girl who wears a stunning black wedding dress, be the groom who wears cowboy boots, be the person you are, and you’ll have the time of your life at your Ibiza wedding…You do you!

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