Kicking up a storm with shoot one, from our ‘Seven Shoot’s Of Summer’ series…

This 350 year old Ibicencan farmhouse, is situated in the village of San Juan, north east of the island. Enveloped by lush green fields, wild flowers and boasting a huge vegetable garden of its own, there is nothing more authenticly spanish and charming, than Can Truy and it’s history. With the venue re-opening this summer, this location was a no brainer to launch Seven Shoots Of Summer.

The current owner Alex Thomson, born and raised in Ibiza, has grown up on site, watching his parents orchestrate beautiful weddings and events for locals and foreigners alike. Their farm to table style of food is fresh, honest and full of flavour; “Celebrating at Can Truy is a complete experience, not just about food, but impeccible service, surroundings, and charming ambiance. ”  Alex’s parents really are the godparents of Ibiza weddings. Many planners and event staff have passed through their venue at one time or another, learning how to create weddings of dreams, and taking with them valuble experiences and memories. I have known Alex and his family for many years, and after listening to him talk about the take over of his family business, with so much pride and enthusiasm, I one hundred percent believe that he is making Can Truy the best it has ever been. Opening for lunch and dinner throughout the week will be a new experience for Can Truy, having been primaliry a wedding venue for three decades. Alex seems so much older than his 22 years, but after completing a training programe in hospitality at the London Hilton Hotel, and being head hunted by the Waldorf as event manager, you can see why he is so on point with his philosophy on service and standards. After returning to Ibiza and starting a fresh new chapter, back in his childhood home of Can Truy, he hopes to keep his family’s legacy alive for years to come. The emphasis being on the client and making them feel like family, is what Alex is super passionate about, and will always set this beautiful historic venue apart from the rest. “My grandparents came to Ibiza in the 1960’s and were amongst the first to bring in tourism, building fincas and eventually hotels literally, from the ground up. There is no place like Ibiza for me.” He beamed. What a perfect story this is to tell the grandkids!

We started our day with an early set up, under clear blue skies, and promising sunshine. I just love the prep on a shoot day, there is always a buzz in the air, everyone is excited, pieces are being delivered from suppliers and designers, and the coffee is brewing. Nicole from The House Of Belissima made the models Polly and Luci, look truly stunning with flawless makeup and hairstyles on fleek. CJ beauty gave all the girls fresh manicures and new polished nails, whilst Ricky Metcalfe trimmed and shaped the boys beards and left them looking slick for the day ahead.

The sheer size of this venue allowed me to spread my styling wings and create various different looks in this one versatile location.  I designed  three looks, Sultry Burgandy and Pampass, Vintage Garden Party, and Rustic Farmhouse. Making each scene a world unto its own, each look had it’s own set up using various pieces such as, flowers, candles, ornaments and of course cake. As an exclusive bespoke wedding planner, I designed every small detail, using hand painted pieces, vintage teacups, and some unexpected fresh new ideas on the fly. It is so satisfying observing what has only been seen in my minds eye, unravel in front of the lens.

Then out of nowhere…the heavens opened and in true Ibiza style, we went from blazing sunshine, to thunder and torrential rain! The only thing keeping me from calling it a day was my true faith in the talents of Natasha Marshall, and Stephanie Shenton, two of the most incredible wedding photographers on the island, knowing that they would make it rock, come rain or shine!

I mean, if you have you ever seen an Ibiza downpour, you will know what I’m saying! It was a race to grab anything that would get wet, resulting in us all looking like we had a lovely late night drunken skinny dip! Maybe our gorgeous groom Javi needed a little cooling down anyway after all his hard work and canoodling, so what better time to take a moment, pop open the prosecco, gifted to us by Giggle Water, and have some delicous brownies by Baked By Bex. It’s like the island knew we deserved a little break.

I couldn’t be happier with the results of our first shoot, especially knowing what we each went through to get there! Some of my personal favourites are dark and dramatic, just like the day, bursting to tell a story held behind them, which I adore! Whilst chasing the fleeting sun, others managed to capture the warmth and happiness of an ibiza wedding.  Even though this was a styled shoot, there was still so much love and high energy, and even a few sneaky kisses, anything for the shot right?!  We are so excited to have on board with us an amazing videographer, Tiny Films Ibiza, capturing the movement both sides of the camera. What a brilliant way to show you what we do, and how we have bonded as a collective team during this totally crazy time. This series was created to show that we are a strong industry, we have worked so hard to get where we are today, and we are just not slowing down. Our careers in the Ibiza wedding industry are not just our jobs, they mean the world to us. We are in love with what we do and we will continute to produce the most beautiful weddings for brides and grooms, for many years to come.

We hope that you will follow us on this never been done before, epic journey of shoots. We will never have a chance to come together and create styled shoots in the summer months ever again… what a time to be alive on this magical island!

Head over to our instagram for the full galleries  @7shootsofsummer

Wedding blog by Lauren Kaycee, Ibiza wedding planner


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